Yoga4SocialJustice™ uses a particular curriculum that satisfies the three aforementioned commitments. The curriculum utilized allows individuals to engage in diversity and social justice learning through resources and materials designed to meet the needs of individuals. The curriculum includes a yoga practice of asanas (yoga postures) and meditation connected to diversity, equity, and social justice content. The goal is to use the practice of yoga - the union of mind-body-spirit - as a way to move the needle for understanding the various arms of diversity, equity, and social justice. 

What will you get from partnering with Yoga4SocialJustice:

  • A trainer with expertise in diversity education, social justice, and it's many facets.

  • Uniquely designed content for your organization

  • Tailored timing and delivery to meet the needs of your organization 

  • Resources and materials to support learning about different social issues and diversity and inclusion needs

  • Delivery of a yoga session connected to bring participants closer to understanding the connection of self to social issues

  • Delivery of an effective and engaging workshop involving self-inquiry, discussion, group and individual activities

  • Direct in-person teaching*, utilizing a theme to connect participants  

*Webinars available upon request